Title: Wanna Be Yours (with rain)
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
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I made this earlier today and find it quite relaxing, hope you like it :)

you fucking god

“I am certainly enjoying my role, also, because of the fans. I have never experienced singing when we’re losing. It’s amazing.” —

Louis van Gaal.

That’s Manchester United for you, Louis.

(via manutd-daily)

"What he did at the World Cup, people don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it, but they should talk about it. He plays the game the right way: he defends, he attacks, he controls the ball when he has to control it, he reverses when he has to reverse it. When he has to finish, he’ll finish. (…) He doesn’t do stepovers, but when he has to perform, he performs. He does what the game asks him to do." - Thierry Henry

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